Exercises for Deepening Communication & Intimacy in Relationships – a mix of ancient Maori practices and modern tools.

Due to current lockdown and global circumstances, we are concerned about how many relationships are under immense pressure right now. Divorce rates, domestic violence and mental health issues are increasing.

In response, we are offering a unique one-hour long online workshop experience to support couples at home to truly feel, see and hear each other in a way that inspires and moves us to hold each other in energetic and physical ways that have us feeling safe, understood, honoured and deeply loved.

World-class facilitator Matiu Te Huki (NZ Maori) and host Philippa Glazer (SA) together will co-lead participants using simple yet effective ancient and modern exercises that will help embody this much-needed work in a welcoming, connecting, fun and profound experience.

Matiu te Huki is a Māori Musician, Workshop Facilitator, and Cultural Ambassador. He has over 20 years of experience as a Maori language and performance teacher, he is an engaging, intuitive facilitator, dynamic international musician, playwright, storyteller and a leader amongst his own communities.

Matiu is travelling the world with his healing work, the impact from this is currently sending waves around the planet and this workshop offers tools we can offer towards a solution to making a real difference in addressing fragmentation within our relationships as well as things like gender-based violence. This is healing the masculine and feminine relationship using traditional and modern wisdom.

Philippa Glazer (SA), the founder of SoulShine Plett, is a Feminine Entrepreneur, Creative Producer, Intuitive Movement Mentor & DJ. Philippa is passionate about universal whole-being health, harmony and creative collaboration – bringing people from all walks of life closer together both within and without through transformational events and the infinite mediums of music, dance and yoga practice.

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Matiu te Huki Promotional video:

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Register here: https://qkt.io/O38Vob

We work on an honesty system and offer a few price brackets below to suite your pocket. We do not like to turn anybody away from this work due to financial reasons. Please respect the offering. If you cannot afford any of the offers below please email philippaglazer@gmail.com to apply for one of the full bursaries.

Loving Relationship ONLINE: PER COUPLE Full Price: $60 / R870

Loving Relationship ONLINE: PER COUPLE General: $40 / R570

Loving Relationship ONLINE: PER COUPLE Low Income: $30 / R430

Loving Relationship ONLINE: PER COUPLE Bursary (limited): $19 / R270


Contact person: philippaglazer@gmail.com

Where is it? ONLINE – A Zoom link will be sent to you in due course.

When does it start and end? 22 February 2021 from 7pm until 10pmUK.

That’s 22 February 2021 from 11am to Midday PST.

And that’s 8am to 9am NZ time on 23 February 2021.

What should I have available during the workshop? Please wear stretchy comfy clothes to move in and make a space to stand up and move freely near your computer with your partner. Bring water, two pens, a notebook/pad and if you want to be extra comfy, a cushion and/or a small rug.

Is my registration transferrable? Yes, but let us know as soon as possible.

Housekeeping: If you have any issues with the registration process or you don’t hear back from us, please email Philippa at philippaglazer@gmail.com for extra support.


These workshops can potentially be emotionally intense and may bring things to the fore that are sensitive/difficult to deal with. You accept that whatever issues or emotions that arise for you on a weekend or online workshop are your own, that you take responsibility for your choice to attend a workshop which may include such experiences and that Matiu te Huki and Philippa Glazer and The Learning Circle are held harmless for any and all responsibility for your responses to the workshop.

Image @Sacred Island courtesy of Matthew Brincat.

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