Working creatively with our shadow – an introduction to transpersonal psychotherapy. – A Workshop by Antonia Bothner:

How to get to know and integrate your dark side – an exercise in identifying, embodying, and owning disowned qualities for integration.

Shadow work or the work of making the unconscious conscious is often the hardest yet most rewarding work for growth as a whole person. The Yin and Yang symbolise this process as we play with our edges just as we do this in yoga.

Our shadow is the psychological term for that which we cannot see in ourselves, our unconscious. And because it is unseen it is often only easier to see once projected. Taking back and owning our disowned parts, the parts we often hide can be hugely energising and life-enhancing as we unblock wasted energy that focussed on hiding these ‘ugly dark’ parts. Once we start to recognise that all parts of us are allowed and have a place we can begin to feel more whole and less defended.

The transpersonal approach is a holistic lens of therapy which extends beyond our psyche and looks towards the transcendent nature and function of spirit in therapy.

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Antonia trained as a Transpersonal Integrative Psychotherapist in London, and has been working for the NHS and in private practice for the last 6 years. She completed her psychiatric observational placement at the South London and Maudsley and has also trained as an Executive Coach in London.

As a former career she worked as an Emerging Markets investor for over a decade and qualified as a Chartered Accountant in South Africa before working in Tokyo and then London. She is a member of SAICA and is pursuing a further career in sustainable investing having won an award for best SA documentary as an executive producer of the social impact film Sisters of the Wilderness.

She is deeply passionate about the cyclical flow and surfing its flow while living under the philosophy of Ubuntu. She is a truth-seeker, an intuitive type and believes in the power of imagination, creativity and the heart. She is a follower of Vipassana meditation, yoga, and nature, and is a free diver. She is currently exploring archetypal imaginative therapy using the image as the purest form of psyche.

One of her favourite quotes is ‘May your head be in service to your heart’.

Her website will be coming soon: