Between 1pm and 2pm a delicious Vegetarian Buffet will be served by Rich Rorich (Head Chef at Sky Villa) and his team.

7 March 2020 Vegetarian Buffet Menu includes:
Selection of Freshly baked artisanal breads, butters and dips
Roasted red pepper & Beetroot hummus
Olive Tapenade
Cajun sweet potato puree
Peppadew, coriander & cream cheese
Garden route salads
Roasted vegetable platters
(Butternut, sweet potato, grilled baby marrow, baby corn, carrot, cherry tomato & mint)
Mediterranean style chickpea & lentil, cherry tomato, cucumber and olive salad
Couscous, red onion, carrot and feta salad
Watermelon, ginger and mint juices
Vanilla Ice cream with chocolate sauce and toasted almonds