Flooting Grooves is the solo project of Pearce van der Merwe, born in South Africa.

Heavily influenced by groups like The Peaking Goddess Collective, Pink Floyd, Ozric Tentacles, Led Zeppelin, Motorpsycho and Jethro Tull, his production is a fusion of live elements like flute, guitar and percussion with electronica, resulting in a melting pot of pleasurable psychedelia to groove the body and sooth the soul!

The FG sound ranges from very mellow downtempo to more driven, dancefloor orientated beats. The repertoire is divided into 3 different livesets :

FG Downtempo FG Progressive FG Psychedelic

Pearce and Mike both share a love of journey soundscapes. Their music is intended to transport the listener through gentle ambient massages to more rhythmic atmospheres. This new live project fuses soundjourney with psychedelic downtempo electronica.

Links to listen to music:http://www.soundcloud.com/flooting-grooves