~ A world-class cosmic wellness, music and lifestyle retreat in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa – proudly brought to you by SoulShine Festival! ~ @SoulShinePlett

Go on and spoil yourself with a weekend away! Connect with all the wonderful richness and creativity that the people of the Garden Route and beyond have to offer you! Join us in a Safe Space in Nature to unwind and enjoy the African Wildernis, Live Local Music, World-Class DJs, Visionary Art & Visual Effects, Dance Culture, Workshops, Talks, Healing Therapies, Connection, Shopping, Activities and more!



FREQUENCY OF LOVE ::: It is time to remember the universal truth of the all-encompassing power of Love. Love is the keynote of the universe! We are vibrational beings made mostly of water. Like tuning forks, we attune to the strongest resonant frequency around us!

‘Feelings vibrate, just as all things in the universe do, at a particular frequency. Negative feelings like anger, guilt, and greed vibrate at low frequencies, while positive feelings like joy, appreciation, and passion vibrate at high frequencies. These high-frequency vibrations make us feel good. This is why people and places that inspire and cultivate positive feelings have what we call good vibrations.

Good vibrations inspire health, happiness, and optimism. When we are tuned in to good vibrations, our bodies heal, our hearts open, and our minds shift toward the light. We see new possibilities and feel powerfully energized to follow our inner visions. At the same time, we feel relaxed and capable of manifesting these visions without giving in to stress or struggle. Good vibrations put us in a state of perfect receptivity so that we feel it is the energy flowing through us that accomplishes what needs to be done. We feel guided, supported, protected, and nourished within this joyful flow. We sometimes forget that we are allowed to feel this way all the time.

Lower frequency vibrations are not bad in a moral sense, but they are bad in the sense that they simply don’t feel good. Still, they have a purpose, which is to alert us to the fact that we are blocking out the higher frequency vibrations that we need to function well. They are a call for healing ourselves from within. The key to our healing lies in remembering that it is our birthright to feel good and that feeling good is the essence of our true nature. When we are receiving and sending out good vibrations, we are in the flow. When we are not, we can begin to raise our vibration by seeking out people, places, and situations that vibrate at a higher frequency. Whether we need to go on retreat or just call a friend who makes us laugh, seeking out those good vibrations and basking in them is a sacred and loving practice that returns us, time and again, to the joyful flow of the universe.’ ~ Daily Om

Soul-infused Art, Psychedelic Music & Dance Therapy, Mindful Consumption, Play & Connection are tools readily available to support us. We can keep our vibrations high by regularly entering mindstates of formlessness & joy, connecting with like-minded beings, and living creatively! That’s a big responsibility in a world that is constantly challenging us to do otherwise!

Frequency of Love Festival is an anchor for us to hold this flame for Love, Beauty, Wellbeing, Culture & Joy alive in our hearts through resonant music, song, dance, togetherness and the sharing of tools, healthy practices & perspectives.

Our aim is for everyone who enters our cosmic space bubble to leave resonating at the Frequency of LOVE, and then to play it forward in the world !!!!




  • Chalet Accommodation
  • Glamping & Self-Camping
  • Open-Air Dancefloor
  • Rocking Sound System
  • World-Class Visionary Artists, Deco, DJs & VJs 
  • Market Street Shopping
  • Delicious Vegan & Veg Food Vendors
  • Coffee stand
  • BYO Cooler Boxx & Picnic
  • Local Wine & Beer tasting 
  • Live Bands
  • Dancing & Performances
  • Live Art Painting
  • Poetry
  • Sculptures
  • Yoga, Meditation, Movement Medicine
  • Workshops, Talks & Demos
  • Bodyworkers
  • Cacao Ceremony
  • Epic Ocean Views
  • Hiking
  • Horse Rides & Kids Program
  • Chill-out Zone
  • Mini Swimming Pool
  • Playing it Forward




This is a family-friendly event. Parents and Guardians, please note that your children are 100% your responsibility at all times.

Please note that this is a plant-based event with no alcohol bar. Please feel free to bring your own picnic baskets and cooler bags along! Please also bring along 5 litres of drinking water for the weekend.



VENUE + DIRECTIONS T’Niqua Stable Inn, Airport Road, search google maps it’s easy to find. From Plett travel along airport road, pass airport turnoff and keep driving until you see the turnoff to the left with a sign for “T’NIqua Stable Inn”. Turn left and keep left and follow the road until you come to the entrance which is clearly marked on the left-hand side.

Please carpool to save parking and park wisely!!


Friday 2pm – 10pm Saturday 7am – 10pm Sunday 7am – 5pm



OUTLETS Plett: Surf Cafe 044 533 6801 from 15 April





Full Program runs Friday 5pm – Sunday 3pm

Friday Night’s Program (5pm – 11pm) includes a Vegetarian dinner feast by the fabulous Conscious Kitchen, Wine tastings by local vineyards plus Live Music & Poetry performances and a Belly Dance show! The evening affair will continue until around midnight with some funky beats by top-notch local DJs!

Saturday’s Program (7am – Midnight) kicks off early with Yoga, Meditation & Workshops, a Superfood health breakfast picnic & Wellness talks! The market street will be open for shopping all day long with fashion, treasures & trinkets for sale. The music will kick off again around midday through to midnight with world-class Artists, DJs and Visual Maestros taking you on a multi-sensory AV journey through multiple genres of music & mindscapes ~ vibrating and attuning your molecules to the Frequency of LOVE!! The music will commence with some World, African & downtempo, and then we will slowly build up the energy on the dancefloor through some sexy melodic house, groovy tech and then some hypnotic & progressive trance beats until Midnight.

Sunday Program (7am – 3pm) includes 2 workshops. Breakfast picnic bowls and treats will be on sale until 11 am, and then an optional group hike along the magnificent fynbos coastal trail. The hike will depart from the venue at 11h30, include a viewpoint break, and return at approximately 14h30 for some refreshments, and to close the program at 15h00.

Don’t forget your walking shoes, cap and sunglasses and water bottle if you intend on joining us for the hike.



We are celebrating the UNITY in our DIVERSITY. We are encouraging colour, contrast, culture, originality, unique FREEDOM of expression, acceptance and open-mindedness towards all tastes and styles with a focus on Harmony & QUALITY.

Extras: All available on Quicket checkout: *Guest House Chalet Rooms *Glamping Tents sleep 2 *Kids Ticket included Kids Program on Saturday 11am – 3pm  *Soaring Free Magic of Cacao Ceremony limited spaces *Bodywork sessions with Dan spaces limited

Other important Info: *Please bring cash for market street shopping & support local *Please bring along your own yoga mat, water bottle and towel *Please prepare for all weather, we are on the coast!



PLAYING IT FORWARD is supporting the marine conservation Orca Foundation in Plett for this event.

“We are in huge need of contributions. If you have some extra room in your luggage or some of the listed stuff packed away in boxes that you no longer use, please bring them over to us. We will put them to good use.”

Any unwanted clothes for the less fortunate.

Preschool material: notebooks, pens, pencils, clipboards, rulers, folders, agendas, learning games, school supplies for grade 1 as gifts for graduation, etc.

Creche material: blankets, bottles, baby mattresses, outdoor toys, donations to construct a shaded area in front of the school, etc.

Aquarium equipment, wetsuits, snorkel gear, fishing equipment.

Old electronics: Macs, PCs, external hard drives, cameras, video cameras, projectors, printers, fax machines, etc.

Research equipment: Gopro’s, scales, species identification guidebooks.

CONTACT Philippa directly with urgent questions only on WhatsApp text 066 021 6390.