Immunity hacks: Superfoods and Potent Plants for sovereign health, a Talk by Peter Daniel (Founder, Soaring Free Superfoods, Rawlicious)

Your level of health is directly related to the nutritional building blocks you consume.
Big agri ‘food’ contains far fewer essential nutrients than our bodies require to thrive.

Join Peter Daniel in exploring nutritionally dense foods as well as tonic herbal medicines that support the body in optimal health.

We will cover the fundamental nutritional knowledge of how and why foods either heal or kill and how to incorporate healing foods into your daily routine with ease.


Peter Daniel is the managing director and co-founder of Soaring Free Superfoods who first introduced superfoods to South Africa in 2006. He is also a raw food chef and health educator who presents food courses, lectures and seminars inspiring people about the healing power living foods, superfoods and natural nutrition. Together with his wife they are authors of South Africa’s first gourmet raw food recipe book, Rawlicious and their latest book ‘The Magic of Superfoods’ beautifully illustrated, shows just why and how to simply add superfoods to your diet.