Moving into Connection: Movement Medicine with Petra Bongartz

Come and awaken the vitality and joy of your moving body!

Movement Medicine is an intentional movement practice, mindfulness in motion, a dance without choreography or steps. You will be supported to connect to who and how you are and to find expression, support, release and inspiration through your dance. It’s an empowering, grounding and uplifting practice that helps you to reconnect to your own aliveness and wisdom. This is medicine for the times we live in, re-connecting us to ourselves, each other and to the possibility of full-bodied, full-hearted, open-minded living, so that we can be who we are and play our part in creating the more beautiful world we know is possible!

Listen, whatever it is you try to do with your life, nothing will ever dazzle you like the dreams of your body, its spirit longing to fly. (Mary Oliver)


Petra Bongartz is a fully qualified Movement Medicine Teacher/Facilitator with Level 4 Advanced Training. Her studies with the School of Movement Medicine (UK) started in 2009 and continue with ongoing CPD training. She is also a mentor on the School’s Apprenticeship Programme. In addition, she has completed Rick Hanson’s Positive Neuroplasticity Professional Training on how to work with the brain to enhance happiness, self-worth and resilience. She is interested in body-based approaches to trauma and the insights neuroscience, polyvagal theory and similar approaches offer in understanding our behavioural patterns and how we can change them. Petra draws on over 13 years of experience of facilitating diverse groups in Africa, Europe and Asia, whilst working with NGOs and governments in the international development context. 

Petra’s teaching is informed by her passion for life and deep love for the Earth and all beings.  In all her work, Petra’s intention is to inspire, support, nourish and connect people so that we can all play our part in creating the more beautiful and meaningful world that our hearts know is possible.  

Petra offers regular classes, workshops and events in the Garden Route, Cape Town and Johannesburg, as well as teaching occasionally in Europe and elsewhere by invitation. 

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