A Talk by Rhian Berning: Connect, Collaborate, Act. Empowering positive change through daily actions.
All life is interconnected, so how can we empower our daily actions and choices to have positive ripple effects within our homes, our local communities and out into the world? Rhian looks at principles and tools we can use to shift away from destructive ways of being to growing and living the principles of regeneration and circular economies. 


Rhian Berning is an environmental activist and visionary, passionate about the interconnection of all life and the solutions and innovations leading us to a regenerative and socially just localised and global culture. She is the founder of Eco Atlas, an online platform which empowers active citizens with the information needed to vote with their daily choices for a better world. She was recently awarded the Eco-Angel Award in the South African Eco-Logic Awards presided over by the Minister of Environmental Affairs, in recognition of her life’s work in the fields of environmental education, awareness and activism. She speaks and trains on zero waste (through one of her projects Renew Able Plett) as well as on active citizenship, eco homes and climate change. She is herself a climate change survivor after a firestorm razed her home in the Garden Route fires of 2017 and she regenerated and rebuilt a green, entirely off-grid home.