We are delighted to announce that Magnus Birgersson aka Solar Fields hailing all the way from Gothenburg, Sweden, has composed music specifically for this event to be played during Philippa Glazer’s Inner Space movement class.

Solar Fields is internationally known for his timeless, authentic and unique electronic sound through which he explores emotional depth, the contrast of both shadow and light, and producing atmospheres conducive to naturally heightened and hypnotic states. Solar Fields is credited in over 22 full-length albums, 16 of which are Solo Albums. Solar Fields has scored two AAA titles for Electronic Arts which have been praised all over the world.

Expect spacious soundscapes and dreamy ambiences which are deeply honest and touching, allowing for a sense of deep calm and serenity to emerge, evolving into more energetic and rhythmical waves taking you on an +1 hour immersive inner journey through unseen dimensions. The composition will world premiere during Philippa Glazer’s Inner Space Movement session on 23rd December 2016.

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