Selah Joy

Selah has a passion for living a life that is harmonious and fully alive. Her dance training began with ballet when she was 8 years young and since then she has been exploring movement in, and embodiment of, all forms.

Selah has enjoyed over 20 years of stage presence in hundreds of different theatres, festivals, events, galas, weddings and conventions. She has spent the last 8 years entertaining and inspiring crowds all over Europe, Canada, South Africa, Namibia, Mauritius, Seychelles and Azores.

A few highlight performances include TedX Cape Town; Baxter Dance Festival; Klein Karoo Nationale Kunstefees; Boom festival; various Afrikaburns and the European Juggling Convention. Selah loves what she does and she is happy to share the warmth of her fire with you.

Momo Maritz

Born and raised in Namibia, she fell in love with dancing in highschool when she experimented with hip-hop & ballroom. Since then, she’s been exploring all the different ways she can move her body, especially through intuitive dancing.

Momo started playing with fire in 2020 and she feels as if it’s always been part of her. Dancing with fire, for Momo, is like a ritual that represents transformation (burning away of what no longer resonates) and empowerment (being reborn and rising from the ashes like the phoenix).

She hopes to inspire that transformation in those who experience her dance too.
She likes to imagine dancing with the fire dragons in her performances and for her, the most important thing about a performance is having fun!

Cary Small

Cary first saw a burning rope dart a few years ago at a highlining festival. He was immediately captivated by the powerful grace of the performer and, for the next few days, Cary followed him around asking for tips and getting advice. He found some rope in his car, tied a rock to said rope and just spun it around a lot. The rope-dart became his constant companion, joining him on many an adventure as he learnt new tricks and improved his skill. Playing became a meditative practice and just something he did for fun. Although Cary has been spinning fire for himself for a few years, he has recently began performing, and he’s loving the new adventure it brings. For him, performing is a way to have fun while sharing his passion, and hopes to inspire his audience to follow their passion as well.