Unified Masculine & Feminine, by Matiu te Huki

This workshop also covers several simple yet extremely powerful masculine/feminine practices that are profoundly honouring, healing, connecting and empowering. We will deal with light and shadow.
This workshop is suitable for anyone up for real growth.

Participants will leave with ancient yet practical tools to support them in the way they stand, speak, listen, connect and move powerfully through this life. They’ll also gain a deeper understanding and respect for each other, a respect that they’ll feel capable of taking out into the world around them.

Matiu’s approach is welcoming, inspiring, fun and empowering.



Matiu (New Zealand) has over 25 years experience as a Maori language and performance teacher, he is an engaging, intuitive facilitator, dynamic international musician, playwrite, storyteller and a leader amongst his own communities.
Matiu is touching the world with his healing work, the impact from this is currently sending waves around the planet and this workshop offers tools we can offer towards a solution to making a real difference in addressing the divide between men and women in personal relations as well as for example in areas such as gender-based violence. This is healing the masculine and feminine relationship using traditional and modern wisdom.