SUNDAY 26 APRIL 2020 (GMT+2) RAMESH RAMUKAR // Being Human in 2020 // The Immune System Robert Frost wrote, “We all sit in a circle and suppose. The secret sits in the centre and it knows.” What is the secret in the centre? Some say SA, or the world will never be the same again. Many of us are worried about our finances. Many about suffering and dying. Some that its flu time and it’s going to get worse. So much fear and bickering about governments and lockdowns etc. Not many, if any at all talk about fortifying their immune system – to become immune to pathogenic virus, bacteria and parasites in order to avoid any disease or pandemic and all that we are faced with now. Just one example of the many I can cite why this world will not change much. Nearly everyone accepts its flu time in SA now and things will get worse. That shows you how little we know about the human immune system, subsequently how little we know about solving the problems of health, relationships and finances. When we learn about our immune system, how and what we do to produce it on a daily basis, how to maintain its pH at 7.4 we will be FORCED to learn about our interconnectedness to everything we call life. From learning how each one produces his own immune system we will collectively be FORCED to learn how to work and live with kindness, compassion, love, humility in harmony with Mother Earth. We will raise the consciousness of humanity. That is how the world will never be the same again. Your immune system is the secret in the center. And it’s the easiest thing to learn about, but it will change your whole life. Ramesh Ramkumar is a Colon Hydro-Therapist, Philosopher, Author of the best selling book “Being Human”, Professional Speaker and owner of the internationally patronized Being Human Detox Centre in Westville. He has a clear personal vision: to blend science, alternate medicine, psychology and spirituality into common sense for the service of healing. Over the last 25 years he has helped thousands of people grow younger and live longer – disease, misery and medicine free.
SUNDAY 3 MAY 2020 (GMT+2) 2pm – 3pm: Talk: RHIAN BERNING // ECO-ATLAS Pause. Reset. Renew. How do we use this great global pause to reset our ways of being and start afresh with priorities that have the well being of all people and life on Earth at heart? Rhian Berning is an environmental activist and visionary, passionate about the interconnection of all life and the solutions and innovations leading us to a regenerative and socially just localised and global culture. She is the founder of Eco Atlas, an online platform which empowers active citizens with the information needed to vote with their daily choices for a better world. She was recently awarded the Eco-Angel Award in the South African Eco-Logic Awards presided over by the Minister of Environmental Affairs, in recognition of her life’s work in the fields of environmental education, awareness and activism. She speaks and trains on zero waste (through one of her projects Renew Able Plett) as well as on active citizenship, eco-homes and climate change. She is herself a climate change survivor after a firestorm razed her home in the Garden Route fires of 2017 and she regenerated and rebuilt a green, entirely off-grid home.   3pm – 4pm: NATE MAINGUARD // FOLK MUSIC MEDICINE A transcendent folk aesthetic encompassing irresistible hooks, uplifting enlightenment, and shamanistic energy. Songs which chronicle, and invite you on, a boldly vulnerable, introspective journey.   5pm – 7pm: DJ PORKY SPACED funky beats boogie
SUNDAY 17 MAY 2020 (GMT+2)
Peter will be sharing with you some of the most profound insights on health you’ll need to take back control & see lasting health effects.
What he will cover in the ELEVATED HEALTH talk:
– Physical health, what we eat and drink and the profound and lasting effects your food choices have on your mental and physical wellbeing.
– Practical techniques to strengthen your body’s immune response and a look at nature immersion and plant supplements.
– Holistic Health with mental and emotional tips and techniques for an elevated sate of mind and overall vitality.
Peter Daniel is the managing director and co-founder of Soaring Free Superfoods who first introduced superfoods to South Africa in 2006. He is also a raw food chef and health educator who presents food courses, lectures and seminars inspiring people about the healing power living foods, superfoods and natural nutrition. Together with his wife they are authors of South Africa’s first gourmet raw food recipe book, Rawlicious and their latest book ‘The Magic of Superfoods’ beautifully illustrated, shows just why and how to simply add superfoods to your diet.  
3pm – 5pm: Downtempo Soundscapes by Phi & Porky Spaced

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